Friday, May 18, 2012

Sneak Peep

We are ALMOST done with the chicken coop.  Dean really has done a great job.  Kim and I got the painting done last weekend.  Now I need to finish the mosaics and hang thier light pendant.  Can't wait for everything to be finished so I can take pictures! 

  1. I love how he framed the roosting boxes around the window.

Yesterday was the first day the babies got to sleep in their new home.  Aren't they cute??? The other 4, Coco, Dior, Peacock, and Rosy are in the smaller cage.  We have to wait 30 days before we mix them. 

We got 2 silkies and here is one below.  Isn't she cute! Her name is Opal. 

 Roxy says to HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! :)

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Oh Sunnie Day said...

I love the inside color you painted your chix coop! Is that crazy? lol