Monday, April 23, 2012

Ry's Magazines

How many of you have piles of magazines laying around your house? I do! I want to save each one because I love the ideas, pictures, and recipes.  Well, it's getting out of hand so I thought why not blog my favorite articles, etc... and then I can throw the hard copies away and de-clutter my house :)  I rather have a digital magazine file than the over flowing one in my office.

I thought this was a great gift idea!!

I've seen some really cool flower arrangements with vegis, I need to try this! 

Peppers to try list

 My ASS needs this APP! I'm always looking for my keys!!!  Price needs a to drop before I purchase it.

Another good gift friend Kim uses door stoppers

These five spice beef kabobs look so DELISH

When your headed to a party and you have nothing to bring!! WELL This is a good idea! Get store bought meatballs and make this fancy apply glaze and just toss in a crockpot.

 I love anything with avocados! 

This sparkling lemonade looks like it would be great with vodka.  I love the jalapeno chili pepper twist...

These DIY stone planters look so simple and they have the step by step tutorial HERE.

Want to save time drying your hair??? This brush reduces hair drying time by 30-50%  For just $12 it's yours :)  It's made by GOODY 

I absolutely love salmon burgers :) 

Better Homes and Gardens MAY 2012

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Bola said...

What a coincidence we just had the same thought! I agree that magazines can add to clutter but are hard to do away with. Over the years I have collected many magazines but over the past 2 or so have decided to donate most to the library and keep only the best ones that I like to flip through.

See my post on magazines from last week. I am curious what your favourite mags are.

New follower!