Thursday, September 8, 2011

Costco Patio Furniture

I got my Costco order in yesterday! Anytime I order something online I get nervous, I like to see things in person but after everything was out of the box it was even better than I expected! It also has subrella material cushions and pillows. If you haven't heard about Subrella google it, it's a must in the Florida sun. I give it 5 stars!

The reason why I love this set?? This sectional is stackable for easy storage, has an all weather resin wicker, and you can arrange it however you want. I took some pictures below of different ways you can arrange it, and yes I'm to lazy to use my nice camera so Iphone pictures are posted.

You can make two separate chaise loungers like this...and it came with that cute little tray!

You can make a day bed, this actually is the most comfortable way.

The basic sofa layout with a chaise lounger and ottoman coffee table

You can make a sofa with two separate chairs
...or a sofa with two chaises attached.
I really like it and if your looking for some patio furniture don't wait until next spring when everything is marked up, get your stuff now with the end of the summer sales. (Home Depot has tons of patio stuff on clearance right now)


Anonymous said...

This furniture is very versatile :)

H. said...

Wow, what a great idea to buy the set and then arrange it however you like it that day! Thanks for the reminder to get out to Home Depot soon and pick up some outdoor furniture!!