Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Padrino's Cuban Bistro Restaurant Review

Orlando Restaurant Review

RY'S RATING: 3.5 maybe 4 STARS
  • Hunters Creek
  • 13586 Village Park, Suite 304, Orlando, FL 32837

I LOVE LATIN CUISINE! I've been seeing Padrino's in all the local magazines and had to try it out. The atmosphere is 5 stars! It's a beautiful restaurant and don't get me wrong, the food is GOOD but I can't say it's better than Pio Pio which is 5+ stars. Maybe it's their garlic sauce. If your looking for authentic cuban you should defiently try this place out. Here is what I got.

P.S. They had paella but I didn't get it :( I may need to go back and try is a picture of what it looks like below.

They bring you plantain chips out with a oil parsley garlic sauce while your waiting on your main course. You can't go wrong with plantains. The sauce was good, but not blow your socks off good.

For my main meal I let the waiter choose his favorite dish, which was Bistec de Pollo. It was a
Boneless, skinless breast of chicken, grilled with onions. Topped with fresh chopped onions and parsley. It was seasoned well but was slightly dry, the rice and beans were good. Mom got Boliche, a Cuban Pot Roast - Cutlets of beef round cooked in a light tomato sauce. Now this I gave 4 stars! It was tender and the meat melted in your mouth. Like I said before, not sure if I'll go back but if I did I would defiantly try some of the seafood. My heart still belongs to PIO PIO.

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