Friday, March 18, 2011

What I've Been Up TO

A couple of weeks ago I was looking back at my past archives and loved how I had a diary to look back on at all the great times. Here of late, mostly because of twitter and instagram I post my pictures there and forget about my blog. I'm going to try to start doing what I used to do so I can have this took look back on.

1. My beautiful mom celebrated her # # ?? BIRTHDAY last week! We got her a flower pot and took her out to Blue Zoo, a Todd English restaurant located in the Dolphin Resort. (TIP: If you go YOU MUST GET THE SCALLOP and braised short rib appetizer...get it as a MEAL and trust me on this one, it's DEVINE)

My main course was tile fish with lobster and crab sprinkled on top :)

2. Last week a stray SICK cat jumped in my lap! This WAS very shocking because usually the dogs wouldn't allow this. He had a swollen nose and couldn't breathe because he was so sick. I took him to the vet and he was tested for everything. When the vet came back to the room he you know what kind of cat this is?'s a rare breed called a Bangel. GOOGLE IT...the Bangel cats are very different. All his tests came back ok other than a bad respiratory infection. He's on antibiotics and leaves for his forever home this evening.

Here is a pic of him from this morning enjoying his last hours at our house...I'm actually tearing up for some reason


GUESS WHERE HE'S GOING! TALLAHASSEE!! Brandi fell in love with him and is adopting Mr. and him will be making the fun 3 hour drive at 3.

Tuesday we attended Tavistock. Robin and I had such a great time. Robins house looks out on the 11th hole so we had good seats.

4. Velvet found a ceramic pumpkin in the yard...she must be ready for pumpkin man! (Here's one thing Velvet and I have in common)

5. AND this little girl is growing like a weed! She has brought SO MUCH JOY into our home...she really is the sweetest thing! Here she is in her favorite spot while I'm working at my desk...doesn't look to comfortable does it?

6. This face wash is GREAT! Allie turned me on to it's sister in St. Thomas (apricot scrub) I wanted to try one of the other ones and chose this one. It leaves your face feeling tingling and cool...I LOVE IT! AND if you haven't treid this eye makeup remover it's GREAT. Not oily and takes off your eye makeup in one sweep....

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Wish me and the cat good luck for our trip up there this weekend. THANK YOU

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