Thursday, November 18, 2010

Festival of Tree's 2010

This year the Orlando Museum of Art chose "RED HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS" as their theme so Mom and I named our tree VA VA VOOM and used silver and red as our color scheme.

We made most of our ornaments and found the rest at Hobby Lobby.

We glittered plastic martini glasses, which you can find at your local party store.

Here is a video of the tree so you can get a better look at it :)

Mom found the red light balls at a garage sale for $1, we were told you can find them at Home Depot for $12.99 a piece.

We took clear plastic shoes found in the wedding/bachelor/baby shower isle and glittered them.
dress ornament

Beaded fish, which was my favorite of the ornaments

Here are the same plastic martini glasses...with these I went to Lowes and bought some polyurethane, which is the shiny clear coat you see on bar tables and mixed it with red glitter. These turned out GREAT! Mom then took glue and glittered the rims.
Tree topper. A wine bottle glittered with some flora picks coming out the top

This was my favorite of the designer tree's. IT was made up of poinsettia's and feathers :) It was beautiful in person.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and have fun decorating your tree this year!


Frankie said...

Your tree is AMAZING! Oh my goodness! I love love love it. Thanks for the inspiration to decorate and glitter some of my own ornaments!

Allie said...


Anonymous said...

Wow it looks amazing...can't wait for you to come decorate mine when I move! lol ~ Kalena

Cindy said...

Love the Festival of Trees!! Your tree looks amazing!