Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coffee Table "GOLD Tablescape" or "Table Top Tree"

My mom has had my camera card ever-since New York so I'm sorry for all of these Iphone pictures. I will try to take better ones once It's back in my hands.

This year since I'm doing everything different, I did a tablescape on my coffee table in the formal since my Christmas tree isn't in there this year. Every year we have placed the tree in the corner and this year it's in our main living room so I can enjoy it while a cook and watch TV. I love the new change :) So when you walk in you see this, instead of our tree.

I took a gold glittered branch and stuck simple ornaments on it. I love GLITTER.

The Video

Close up pictures of the ornaments

Who's brining their turkey this year? If you haven't tried it, it's the only way to go! Let me know if you need a good recipe! :)


Lisa Fergus said...

This is such a beautiful idea! Love the vase, and really love the way you dressed it up for the holidays!


Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

i love glitter too! i don't know why i always hated it but as of the last few years i've really come to love it wayyyy too much, love the design you came up with!

my mil will be making the turkey this year and i'll be doing the rest..who knows, maybe next year i can make the turkey on my own, i just hope to do it before i'm 30 and that's less than 2 years away, eeek

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you Lisa :)

Janine: THANK YOU! You should make the turkey next year, mine turned out great this year...I have the recipe for you :) Have a great THANKS GIVING :)

coffee tables said...

Wow nice photo, specially the coffee table that was a modern Christmas tree on top :-)