Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last Night

In May we bid on Chef Ryan at the Cancer Society Ball on the live auction and we WON! He came yesterday! He's AMAZING! He took so much time on preparing the food and made it a beautiful and unforgettable night. This is him using my ikea glass wear. :)

Here is chef Jeff

and meet Dana, she played the server. She was so sweet and we loved her. This is my friend Lenee :)

There was still football, here is Jim and Clint, which is Lenee's husband.

Everyone but mom :)
We started with a citrus ceviche! It had scallops, shrimp, and tuna infused with lime and citrus juice. It was fresh and delish! (I got these glasses at Ikea :) he provided everything else, even the silverware!)
Next, we had squab! This was Jim's favorite. It was excellent and I loved the asian glaze on the meat. He finished it off with a pomegranate drizzle

I think this one was my favorite. Snapper with a chimmi-churi...the chimmi-churri was so good...It was perfect with the fingerling potatoes and asparagus. I wish I had some right now.
Here was chicken curry with white rice...I loved this also!

Heres the girls...Mom, Lenee, and Kalena
Here we have an Argentinan fillet with onion smashed potatoes and brocollini..HELLS BELLS it was good.

and then the icing on the cake! Jim's two favorites! Chocolate cake and creme brulee'! The cake was heaven.

Here we are...Kalena brought Jim as her date and he was so fun! Thank you KALENA :)

It was a great night and I told Jim that it would make a great BIRTHDAY present for Chef Ryan to come back. It was wonderful! Thank you JIM :)


Allie said...

WOW. Sounded amazing. I want to be there next time chef ryan comes. So glad yall were able to do it.

Tara Moffatt said...

Oh how I wish I was there with you. Looks like so much fun and the food looks so GOOD

Deviled Megs said...

Looks DELICIOUS! And I love those Ikea glasses.