Monday, September 20, 2010

Call me CRAZY

Life has been crazy since I've been home from St. Thomas. First, mom lost her wonderful dog Gidget. She was healthy looking and happy from the outside, but from her inside was hurting from pancreatic cancer. She had to be put down the week I got home. It was heart breaking, we all loved Gidget so much. :(

While visiting Gidget in the vet our heart sank after we saw this tiny puppy terrified and screaming from fear in her cage. She was saved from death row and little did we know she would be going home with us just 4 days later. Her name is Tootie Jane, she was saved in honor of Gidgets life. This dog has been a blessing. Mom's intentions were for Tootie to be both of our dogs, but Joe and Mom fell in love with her and now she rules their home.

Miss Tootie Jane

The second week mom was hit in the leg by a kid, it was a freak accident on the play ground...a couple of days later her leg kept getting worse and worse so she went to an urgent care clinic, they sent her straight to the ER to check for any blood clots. LUCKILY there were no blood clots but she still has the swelling and were praying it goes down soon.

Mom at the ER...that was a fun night, we got home around 3:30

and..I got a wig for HALLOWEEN! This is what I would look like if I had brown hair :)

This is what mom would look like with dark hair :) She looks GOOD! Which brings us to tomorrow, she's getting a hair makeover :) and I'm staying BLONDE :)

and this is me...laying on the tile floor after a RUN. I've been running since last Monday. I know that doesn't seem like a long time to you, but it is to me! I'm very proud of myself and each day it gets easier. Look how red I this normal? I think the tides are changing and a full moon is near.

Which brings me to tonight. Whiling on the tile floor this evening I started thinking I should start meditating. I've read and watched EAT, PRAY, & LOVE and was intrigued how Elizabeth Gilbert taught herself to clear her mind. I've never been able to clear my mind, not even on a massage table. So tonight I tried, I enjoyed it.

Call me crazy...I don't mind.


Tara Moffatt said...
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Tara Moffatt said...

I like you with brown hair.

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Thanks Tara :)