Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm alive

It's been very STRESSFUL around our household these last couple of weeks, but thats ok...I wont get into it.

I wanted to share my "FIND" this week! I found this lamp at Homegoods for a VERY cheap price. I love it!

Our garden has exploded with fresh vegetables...I made over 12 jars of salsa last week and handed them out to neighbors and friends. I have to give Jim all the credit because he's the one that has put many hours of sweat in tears into it.

I got him this horse-shoe above ground garden for christmas. Here you can get a better picture of it. Each level is tiered down. The back level has asparagus and corn, then tomatoes, peppers and squash, and on the last tier is onions, potatoes, and lettuce. Have you ever tried fresh arugula? It's heavenly!

Jim's into gardening and I'm in to plating citrus tree's. I have a baby kumquat coming it is below :) This is the first year I've had citrus come around October I will have fresh lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit :) CANT WAIT!

Oh and P.S. I'm ready for pumpkin man

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