Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Past Weekend...

...was CRAZY! We had Jac and J in town which was GREAT! Jim and I love them here, if only they could live with us :) I've offered. We always enjoy their company and this trip was very relaxing, fun, and WAY TO SHORT. I hated to see them leave :(

The day after they left we headed to New York City. The city has a vibe thats indescribable. This was a business trip, but we mixed as much pleasure in as we could. I can tell you I cant wait to go back!

One of the days Jim had a meeting which was on a beautiful golf course so I decided to explore the city by myself. I did some research and found the perfect spa, you know since he's living it up on the course. I sent him this video text to rub it in :) I'm sharing this with you to show you the views, you just don't get this at home. I soaked in this view for a long time.

J and I took a carriage ride around central was one part of the trip that sticks out the most.

It really is a concrete jungle...

I got lucky and got to see the naked cowboy...hehe

I will do a post on their food on a different deserves a whole post!

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Trish said...

OMG! You two look so cute in front of the horse on your carriage ride! Isn't NYC fabulous? I went to college @ Fordham and spend 4 years on the streets of NYC and working in the Fashion District, it was WONDERFUL! :) xox Oh! and I wish we were going to Tuscany, it's on my dream list of places to go, but we are going to Playa del Carmen in July! :)