Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday Night, Epcot

For Christmas I surprised my mom with a Disney Annual pass. So on Saturday we went to Epcot to see Christmas around the world. It was a blast, I took so many beautiful night pictures and will post them later.

We went to Japan to eat Hibachi, which was good but the shrimp were small and you know how I am with my shrimp. If hindsight was crystal clear I would have rather eaten in Italy. When Mom and I walked past Italy’s restaurant, all these Italian waiters were out front. We looked at each other and said the same thing, DAMN were stupid for not eating there! The cool thing about Epcot is they have the native’s to each country working everywhere, which Italian men are quite easy on the eyes.

The night was great and the fireworks were beautiful, can’t wait to go back!
Each country has store fronts that are decorated for Christmas, this one was in England. Can’t wait to share with you the pictures I took in China, they turned out beautiful.

Mom making a call to LONDON


I thought this picture was cool with the colors...the ball of light is the Epcot ball...

Later that night

I’m telling you this story because I think all of us GIRLS need to realize that we ALWAYS need to be cautious in whatever we do. Read below.


The plan was for me to drop mom off at her house and the for me to come home to my house. Well we ended up going by the Walgreens and she said, why don’t we go let out the dogs, and then you can come back and spend the night, since Jim was out of town for the weekend on his hunting trip, so I said OK.

We were pulling into my neighborhood and I was going to check my mail for Christmas cards and THANK GOD there was a car passing by which shined the lights for a split second towards our street and I saw a man hiding behind the mailboxes. I pulled forward and turned around to make sure I wasn’t seeing anything and a car pulled in and there the man hid, slouching down behind the mailboxes…I went forward and went around the culdesac so I could see exactly what was going on and there he was walking towards us, dressed in black…so mom and I call the sheriffs department, he tells us to meet him at the end of our road, so I do and when we went back to look for the guy he had disappeared, which you can only go out 1 way in our neighbored. It scared me to death because if mom wasn’t with me I would have pulled in and got the mail and found a man in black staring at me. Who knows what he was doing. It could have been nothing or it could have been to where he slit my throat and took my car and purse. I know the world isn’t a safe place and wanted to tell you PLEASE be cautious and observant.

P.S. Today we are having the security man come out and install high tech heat sensors so if we do ever have anyone break in, 911 will be called immediately. STAY SAFE OUT THERE!

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lesli said...

ryan ~ that sounds so fun!=)

so so so glad that your mom was with you and nothing happened! that is too freaky!