Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Corn Chips

Saturday morning mom and I went up to Lakeridge Winery for the Lake County Pets Day Parade. We entered Bear, just thinking it was a little parade, but to our surprise each person that entered had to go up and tell about their pet. Let’s just say once I learned I had to do this tears came to my eyes. I know Bear is getting old and the thought of it makes me sad. I really don’t think I could have moved to Florida without Bear. Bear has been with me through everything. When I lived on the ranch in Oklahoma, the move to Florida, he was even the ring bearer in my wedding. He is a wonderful dog, I have never seen a dog like him…he’s special. Bear ended up winning an award in the parade, and took home several goodies to his brother and sister. Thank you MOM for going up and telling his story, since I couldn’t. I was crying like a baby, no joke. His story is touching and I love him very much.

Bear with his PRIZE

He made several friends that day, including this HUGE St. Bernard


I know most of you are thinking. Why didn’t she take ALL 3 dogs? WELL, I would have loved to but Harley is sneaky…he’s half pit bull and I really can’t trust him around little dogs. Before we rescued Harley he was surviving on his own, and I would never want to risk him hurting another animal. (We did have my aunt’s puppy over Thanksgiving and he did great with him). Then we have Velvet. Velvet gets a little too excited at times, and she would have shit all over everyone in the parade. So she had to stay home. The good thing is, Bear won Velvet a baby star toy, and Harley a cookie.
Here are some Iphone Pics from today...
The Turd

The Sneak

The Tattle-Tail & Ham

Does anyone have any stories about their pets?


lesli said...

sweet bear=) glad he won the prize! you know I have lola stories. i love her like she's my REAL baby!

Allie said...

My story is about YOUR pets. Poor Bear didn't eat a drop of food the whole time I was visiting (which made Velvet VERY happy). I think he thought that his daddy left him and I was the replacement? And I have a special connection with that sneaky Harley...we "get" each other!

Ryan Kay said...

You didn't get to see HAPPY BEAR, you met sad bear..He really thought that you had replaced the man that gave him pigs ears, bc you know his MOM is to cheap to buy them! So he cried for days thinking he would never have a pigs ear again!

P.S. I think the Harley/Allie love affair is crazy! I had never witnessed ALLIE sharing a chair with a dog, a BIG dog that is...Harley wonders when his girlfriend will return, I told him I didn't know :(