Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Orange Beach

The beach week was nice and relaxing but I can tell you I’m happy to be home. Fishing season is coming to an end and that means September is around the corner!! September means Allie and her family come to Orlando and Jaclyn and Jason arrive from Oklahoma. We have many exciting things planned, and I’m looking forward to it! Here are some pictures from Orange Beach last week; the only thing I miss is waking up to the ocean breeze and eating my Ruby Reds.

Mom and I

Mom and I made stuff out of beads while relaxing on our balcony...

Mom made this bracelet...

I made these butterfly wine charms, which I will be saling on Etsy.com :)

The Wharf at Orange Beach

J & I


Allie said...

I think the countdown is about 16 days till FLORIDA.

You look skinny-mini in your bathing suit cover up! Love Deb's bracelet. Glad you're home too.

Anonymous said...

My bracelet is made of Texas stars in celebration of your visit!