Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Make You Own Wine Charms

I made my own wine charms over the weekend. I even came up with an idea I'm calling the "Wine Glass Bracelet" :) Here's the EASY directions below!

You will need:
jewelry wire (I chose purple, purples is my new favorite color)
wire cutters
Vintage costume jewelry or charms
A jar of my grandmothers costume jewelry

It's real simple, cute the wire, crimp one end. Thread beads onto wire, then use a piece of jewelry or bigger bead (You can use anything) for the center. When your satisfied with the look crimp the other end. The two crimped ends attach to your wine glass...

The Wine Bracelet
I just took the wire, coiled it around the stem, then strung beads and stuck a charm on the end. Very simple and it jazzes up your wine glasses! :)


sil said...

very cute ryan! you should open up your own etsy store to sell them :)

Mammie said...

very cute

Allie said...

Just darling. You know I'm not going to make them myself....so where can we buy a set?

Lynn said...

Those are awesome! I so want to start making jewelry! I always see stuff and I think I could so do that for so much cheaper!