Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Found Wine Colored Gladiolas

Gladiolas are my favorite flower, and last week while in Publix I found them on sale for $3.99 a bundle! WHICH is a great deal, and it gets better! They had purple/wine colored gladiolas; I didn’t even know they came in such a color. I have seen purple, but not with a wine hue. I took them home and they are the exact color of my new kitchen paint. The pictures don’t do them justice; the flash gives them a more pink/purple look. If you’re having company over this weekend, pick some up for your table! It’s a cheap way to add glam to your home, I promise you every guest will be impressed.

Picture above is before they opened. Today I woke up to a full bloom on each bud! BEAUTIFUL!

Pictures below are some of the flowers Jim got me on Saturday, he saw that I loved the purple glads and while he was at the grocery store came across these purple flowers below. (Purple is my new favorite color, sorry Blue)

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