Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Effervescent & a Versatile White

What is your wine personality?

1. Which aroma combo appeals most to you?

A) Cherries, anise, chocolate
B) Berries, mint, wet earth in the spring
C) Rainfall, clothes straight from the dryer
D) Freshly cut crass, citrus
E) Peaches, apricots, melons, flowers from the garden

2. Its dinnertime, you:

A) Fire up the grill
B) Make something comforting, no matter how long it takes
C) Decide to go out-less fuss, no muss
D) Nibble on cheese while throwing together a salad
E) Order takeout, preferable ethnic-I liked this anwser, I LOVE ETHNIC

3. On the job or a project you:

A) Tackle challenges and get results
B) Are ambitious in your own way but can work for others
C) Bring treats, tell jokes, keep mood light
D) Have the right attitude, not to mention supplies (and outfits)
E) Act as diplomat and mediator

4. You are:

A) Adventurous and self-assured
B) Traditional and romantic
C) Effervescent and self-indulging
D) Athletic and easygoing
E) Outgoing and adaptable

5. You most enjoy:

A) Steak, Buffalo wings, and chocolate
B) Red meat, turkey, butter on your veggies, food that squishes.
C) Shellfish, asparagus, rich desserts -I'm not big on desserts, I almost chose E!
D) Light foods: fish, chicken, salads, Thai, sushi
E) Sweet, salty, sour, savory-YOU LIKE IT ALL-I wanted to choose this one too!

Your ideal afternoon would be spent:

A) Entering a BBQ cook-off and landing a ribbon for your secret sauce recipe.
B) In the garden or reading on the couch
C) People watching at a French cafĂ©’ or soaking in the hot tub
D) Playing tennis and relaxing at the bar afterwards, shopping and lunching with friends
E) Listening to music outdoors, live in a park or from your ipod on the porch.

Which describes you best:

A) You work hard, and party hard
B) There’s a lot more going on below the surface that you let on
C) You see the glass half full-and re-fill it
D) You run around more in a morning than most people do in one day.
E) It takes a lot to knock you off-center and even then you bounce back quickly

When you get together with friends for a movie you suggest:

A) The latest blockbuster, an action picture or comedy, the rowdier the better
B) Something that touches your heart or spooks you
C) A feel good flick-musical, or lavish costume drama-something with sparkle and drama
D) Who cares, as long as your with friends
E) Something that engages your mind, like a whodunit or a historical drama.

Your wine of choice is:

A) A robust red that starts strong and doesn’t let up
B) A mild, fruity red that blossoms
C) Ones that light and clean, preferably with bubbles
D) A white with a definite body, whether grassy or citrusy
E) A light wine, be it sweet or dry

Tally how many times you chose each letter and read the description for the one you chose the most!

I'm Effervescent & a Versatile White


A) You are hearty red
B) You are mellow red
C) You are effervescent
D) You are high energy white
E) You are versatile white

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