Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 3-The End!

We started off the day at the fashion mall across the street from the Wynn, It resembled a space ship. We ate Gyro’s at the food court and YES I ordered some hummus. Lesli found some hair accessories, I found some sandals, Allie left empty handed. When we were finished browsing around the Vegas Space Station we called for a cab and headed over to Planet Hollywood to find H & M, one of Lelsi’s favorite stores. Thank goodness we made it because our cab driver reminded me of a serial killer, I had never met someone so full of s***. After browsing the mile long shops we decided to set down and play some slots, I stuck a $20 in a penny slot and left with $80. I was so excited about my winnings I bought all of us drinks at the sports bar and little did we know we would set there and chat for hours until we all had an itch to play some more slots, I ended up loosing all of my winnings!
Pictures of us trying on Lesli's hair accessories while at the sports bar...you can barely see mine :(

We left the Planet and started our long trek back to our hotel, I got a Paris souvenir cup on the way, we made it past the Flamingo and hoped into a cab so we could make it back to the pool before it closed. We relaxed at the pool until we had to go up and get ready again.

Pictures of our walk back...

Let me explain the picture above...Every time I see a Smart Car, I laugh uncontrollably, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because it's the cutest little thing I have ever seen!

That night we headed downtown so the girls could see where Vegas started. We watched the light show (which the 3 of us were not impressed)…I’m not sure if it was the light show or the cab driver for me, I should have gotten my $2 BACK..JERK. Dinner was the typical Vegas dinner, $7.99 Prime Rib, with the 99 cents shrimp cocktail. This wasn’t the greatest meal we had in Vegas but it was easy on our pocket books. We then headed home to nap before our big night out at JET, which was in the Mirage. Jet was entertaining; we got to meet Tony Soprano. I wish I had more pictures of the night but we all forgot to take pictures we were having so much fun. It was a fabulous trip and I have an itch to go back!

It was hard leaving the girls, now we must plan trip #2! Details to come soon.
Only picture at JET :(

(I look like I'm laughing in the picture below, maybe I was, but ask the girls, I was quite a pill that night, and I kept singing the song, "Womanizer" over and over again for some reason.



T said...

I am glad you girls had a wonderful and memorable stay in Vegas. You all look wonderful.:)

sil said...

now i'm itchin' to go to vegas! glad y'all had a good time ryan!

Allie said...

You can tell we were dead dog tired by day 3...none of us look as peppy!