Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Fishing season is around the corner! It’s my favorite part of the summer. Last year was exciting, we caught tons of fish and I went on my first all GIRL tournament and we won First place Wahoo. The boy tournaments didn’t go over so well, but this year I have a feeling their due for a big one! Here are some pictures of last years fishing season, oh the good times. I’m hoping to post a picture with my 1000 pound Marlin this year! Please stick this on all of your vision boards for me; I will BUY you a drink!

(Picture above is me catching my first Cobia, picture below is of my first Cobia...don't worry we ate him for dinner..and yes he was very GOOD)

Wahoo 1st place @ Orange Beach Ladies Tourn.

The crew for the LADIES TOURN.


Amber Jack, Jim, and ME
(I won't hold AMBER JACK'S because they have worms)

Jaclyn, Jason, Me, and Jim last October for a fun trip

Mako SHARK last year on Stephen's boat, did you know MAKO taste like swordfish, it was good. (This Mako was mean, he was circling our boat for hours eating all our grouper and snapper we were catching...Stephen and the boys caught him without a fishing reel!

Jim catching bait for us

A good day

Bill cleaning the fish

Jim and his Black Grouper

The boy's with a variety of bottom fish

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Allie said...

Those pictures made me excited to join you on one of the fishing trips. YIPPEE.