Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I had a busy weekend! I’m so drained I haven’t even been able to think about bloging. Friday I shaved Velvet and Bear. I had to completely shave Bear from head to toe due to his skin problem we found…he look’s like a completely different dog and I have changed his name to DINGO. He feels so much better and I know the hair will grow back. Until then everyone in the house will call him the Australian or “The Oversized Chihuahua”. Poor little thing :(

That night we had company over and grilled out, Joe made his BBQ chicken on the grill and I must say it was the best he has made! I helped by making corn on the cob and mash potatoes, one of my favorite combinations. Nothing like grilling out on a nice day enjoying conversations and chilled wine. I love entertaining! I think it’s bringing out the best dishes, using wine charms that I never use, and having the house sparkling clean, I love it! I need to start up a dinner club soon!

(Picture of one of my wine charms...I chose the airplane)

The next morning Mom, Memaw, and I headed to Winter Garden Villages, they have everything from World Market, to HomeGoods. We found this little boutique called Polka dots, where Memaw got me a new bead for my Pandora bracelet, it’s a good luck horseshoe. It’s much cuter in person. (PANDORA TIP: This bead is a Brighton bead, not a Pandora, there half the price and the same quality.)

After our shopping excursion Joe, Mom, and I headed to the lake for a quick fishing trip. Little did we know mom would drive the trailer off the side of the ramp, I was the only one in the boat and sure enough with my luck the boat popped out and started drifting, LUCKLY there was an old piece of boat dock and I grabbed onto it. Now that I look back it couldn’t have been that bad. Worse case scenario someone would have to pick me up in another boat, but at the time I wasn’t thinking…I just knew I would drift away and never be seen again…(Yes, I know it was a little lake and that wouldn’t happen, but it was scary at that minute). To make this long story short we ended up finding 5 men to help lift the trailer out of the hole, there are good people in the world today!

Sunday was full of outdoor chores; I won’t even get into the details. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

P.S. Mom, Joe, & Memaw found a house! THE CLOSING DATE IS APRIL 28! Thank you god for finding my family such a great home! FREEDOM is in the future!


Christina Gordita said...

Your weekend sounded lovely...congrats on the house! Aretha Franklin said it best... freedom, freedom, freedom, FREEDOM!!!

Ryan Kay said...

Your right CHRIS! I'm singing FREEDOM so loud, the boys here in the office don't know what to do!