Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everyone must have one!

I found my purse hanger last year at Steinmart, I fell in love with the pearl not the concept. It was a great purchase, it keeps my purse off the floor and counters, it helps de-clutter our home and I will never loose my purse again. I’m even considering buying another one so when I’m out I can hook it to the table.


sil said...

that's really neat! i am gonna have to go this weekend to try to look for some! i hate havin' my purse on the floor. btw, the yoga i do is from a workout on tv - comcast on demand, sports & fitness, exercise tv, total body makeover, then 1 AM yoga with megan townsend :) it's a quick 10 minute one, but i love it for the AM.

lesli said...

that charm on yours is so perfect for you. i love the colors. that would be a perfect gift to give someone who has everything=)