Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It was wonderful

Pictures from our hotel, it was beautiful!

You know when you book a trip, and at that time you think about it day and night for months, then afterwards you had wished you didn’t book it so early since you hyped it up so much and you’re disappointed that you overestimated it. That’s what I knew we had done with our Vegas trip. I just knew I had talked it up so much when we actually got to Vegas I would be disappointed.

It didn’t happen to me this time, matter of fact Vegas blew me away. I don’t think we could have had anymore fun then what we did. I must say it’s on my top 5 list of favorite vacations. I think it had to do with the company I was with. It was my first time meeting Lesli and Allie in person, we had talked on the phone for months but I was still nervous about meeting them for the first time. I received calls from the girls the minute they landed, I swear my heart stopped beating I was so nervous, I think I might have had a tiny heart attack, but the minute we met it was like we had known each other for our whole lives. I know I will have them as life long friends, we are so much alike and I miss them already. Girls, you’re great and I’m thankful to have you both in my life!

I will post more pictures later this week. I want to post them by day so I can have something to look back on.


sil said...

you gals look great! i'm glad you had a good time ryan!

Allie said...

Sister girl...just when I stopped the tears I had to read that and get sad again. I couldn't agree more, this def goes down in vacation history. I'm SO thankful we got to go and that we were able to share this time together. Until next time...........xoxox

lesli said...

this gave me the tears too. i miss y'all so much. i slept more last night than we did our entire trip. which means ~ i'm ready to go back! i hate being this far apart.

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you SIL! :) Sweet of you!

Allie & Lesli, I'm ready for another trip already!