Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 1

Here are some pictures I took of our hotel, there were so many beautiful flowers!
We all had huge smiles on our faces while walking into our hotel, I think each one of us was on cloud 9. When we walked up to the check in, we were told that we were staying in the new tower, the Wynn, Encore and little did we know we had a 10 mile walk with all of our bags ahead of us. It was quite the journey; my arms have still not recovered, but it was worth the walk because our hotel room blew us away.

The Wynn is a fabulous place; we decided to devote our first day to exploring and enjoying our hotel. We spent the first couple of hours chatting and listening to the Ipod in our room…I remember thinking how much I loved these girls and I thought it was crazy since this was the first time we had met in person, it was like we had known each other for years.
We decided to have a champagne toast in honor of our arrival before getting ready. Thank goodness these girls knew how to fluff hair and wear jewelry; they helped me get ready for our dinner at Red 8.
Red 8

Dinner was nice, I would rate it a 7. I got the maple syrup sliced beef with zucchini, onions and peppers. It was very good, but just wait until I tell you about tomorrow’s meals. Afterwards we headed back up to our room and took a tiny nap. The girls woke me up with a huge smile and all I could return is a frown on my face because I’m not a person that can wake up very easily. After some fluffing of the hair we headed to Tryst which is in our hotel. We had a blast and ended up finding dollars all over the floor which made our night (I didn’t know the new trend was to throw money in the air) we did a little gambling after we left then headed to bed. I can tell you this was a great first day! I thought we couldn’t top it but we did. Day 2 coming soon.

Lesli counting the money we all had found


lesli said...

y'all are so pretty! i miss waking up in the morning and in the evening with y'all. work isn't as fun as vegas=(

Allie said...

Aaaawwww, it was so fun!! Great pics and description Ry. Am so looking forward to the future posts!

sil said...

ryan - that hotel looked awesome! i think i'm gonna have to book the wynn next time i go to vegas :)
also - next time you go to red 8 try the dim sum - i went for that the first time i was in vegas, and it was awesome! glad you had fun

Ryan Kay said...

I hate work also LES! Allie, I will post more pictures next Monday :)

Sil-I love DIM SUM! :) Thank you and hope you have a great weekend!