Wednesday, January 21, 2009


One of my New Years resolutions was to become more organized and to de-clutter my life. Well, I purchased this bookshelf at Target for my office/craft room to help me with the organization. NOW, you must know 2 things…1) This shelf came in a box, so you must assemble this yourself….2) I don’t read directions, I swear the Chinese type them out knowing their screwing with my head…so I assemble things on my own terms.

Halfway into assembling this lovely shelf, I started having problems trying to fit the steel rods into each other so I yelled for Jim’s help. To make the story short we get it up, as I’m picking it up to place it into my office it crumbles apart in front of my eyes. I get aggravated, “NOT PISSED” and re-assemble it, which takes another 30 minutes. So now it’s in, I have everything secure and start the transfer again…IT FALLS APART AGAIN this time slamming into my desk and bending the steel rods. NOW, at this point I’m pissed...I started screaming, I tried to break the hammer in half with my knee, Jim hears and comes to the rescue…he then assembles the damn thing for a third time. SO, we get it up again…this time try something different, I have Jim help me pick it up to transfer it into the room…we get it in the room… it looks so nice, all my hard work finally pays off…Jim and I high five each other, we walk out and about 2 minutes later we hear this horrible noise…I’m thinking, Son of A BIT****…that better not be my new shelf. I run in and there, and it is, laying in pieces everywhere…one of the pieces had went through the wall, so now I have to repair a hole the size of a notebook. I swear this damn shelf took years off my life, it has made me so mad…it was a nightmare.

Bear reading the directions

Fast Forward to TONIGHT

Tonight is the night I will assemble my “NEW” shelf. I pray it’s smoother and it doesn’t ruin any of my furniture or walls. I will post pictures of it, it’s much nicer and I’m sure it will be a lot easier to assemble…wish me LUCK! Because I can’t take anymore problems this week.

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Allie said...

Please post a picture of the whole in the wall!