Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Screwpull Black Nickel Wine Opener

This is my favorite wine tool. I swear it's the smoothest way to open a bottle of wine. No more breaking corks again!

Description: Le Creuset's Leverpull streamlines the removal of a cork from a wine bottle. Its rotation technology reduces the process to one simple up-and-over motion. The opener is designed to perform well with any size or type of cork, including plastic corks. Made of a zinc alloy with a black nickel-plated finish, it features a comfortable handgrip. A foil cutter and leather storage box are included.

Here it is!
Foil cutter
Pulls it right off with a clean cut, it's magnetic so the foil stays in place

Stick it on top of the bottle

In one motion pull it from one side to the other...like this

POP, it releases the cork :)


Pour your wine and enjoy!

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