Friday, January 9, 2009

Lipstick Jungle Night

It’s the Season Finale of Lipstick Jungle! Lori and I are making a night out of it. After work we are headed to Ocean Boulevard a store that sells every type of purse and jewelry imaginable, and then we will go to Ocean Prime a restaurant on Sand Lake. Lori says the food is exquisite, I’m sure it is. After our dinner we will watch Lipstick Jungle with wine glasses in hand. I love Lori’s home, it’s on the 4th floor and looks over Turkey Lake, it reminds me of a condo in Sex in the City for some reason, I think it’s her zebra pillows she has thrown on her couch. I will take pictures and I hope everyone has a lovely night.
I took this picture below a couple of months ago at Lori's's the PILLOW

Here is Lori on "THE PILLOWS" :)

OCEAN PRIME PIC BELOW :) Just so you know


Allie said...

I am SO jealous of your night. Sounds fabu!

lesli said...

yeah, can we say jealous! i want to come live with you in florida if that's ok.

CDE said...

nothing better than a girls night out! have fun!

T said...

Hi Ry! Sounds like a great night!
I have had to play catch up with your blog, I am so far behind. I have been sick for about a month, so haven't been doing too much reading.

Glad things are well with you, and I loved your clutter post, very inspiring!
Big congrats with your mom selling her home, and her move to FL soon.