Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My mom, Debbie

Mom yesterday during the big ICE STORM

My mom wanted to share a video of the Scrabble War she attended last Saturday. She was so excited to be on tape and wanted to show what a wonderful event it is. It's held by the Literacy Council of Benton County. She's at the very end of the video, her group won the SPIRIT you can see their all wearing cone hats. She's the one waving the heart around :) The link is below:

Mom, Memaw, and Joe start their move in 5 DAYS! I can't wait to have them closer! Please pray for them to have a safe trip down.


My Cup Is Full said...

How fun!!!

Tell your mom if she sees a lady on the side of the road in ugg's and a red hat with crazy eyes trying to hitch a ride not to be afraid. I don't bite! ha!

Oh how I long for summer!

Ryan Kay said...

ha ha, your so funny ;) I will tell her to pick you up on her way down. he he..CONGRATS on the 5 pounds! That's GREAT!

My Cup Is Full said...

Thank you!!