Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Any suggestions?

("Pearl Girl" above created by Chantel De Sousa)

I’m starting my own design co. and am opening up a corp. this week and I need the perfect name. I need all the idea’s I can get! Please tune into your creative side and COMMENT any idea’s you have. PLEASE!!

My idea’s so far:

Pearl Designs
Pearl Creative
Innovative Pearl Designs
Creative Pearl Designs

My good friend Jaclyn said people might get confused about me designing pearls, what are your thoughts on the word “PEARL”.


Anonymous said...

• Modern Pearl
• Pearly Designs

Anonymous said...


lesli said...

i like one word companies and monograms...

when i look at that picture above i think of the 20s. here are some words i found...

-Blonde Dame
-Dame Chic

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you GUYS :)

Lesli-I like the NEW Idea's! :) I am a DAME..

Allie said...

I like Classy Pearl Designs