Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wintry Florida

Mom, Joe, & Gidget
My mom called me over the weekend to tell me it was snowing. I slumped down in my chair thinking how I would love to see snow during the holidays. I glared out the window picturing snow covering the yard and to my surprise there were 3 Sandhill cranes inches away from our front door. I smiled and rushed to my camera. I spent most of the morning hiding in the bushes taking pictures of these birds. They were beautiful and it made me happy to live in Florida. There are no Sandhill cranes on my mom’s porch. J I felt like the people that worked on “The Planet Earth” series, which if you haven’t seen it you must rent it NOW. I was laying on the ground inching closer and closer to get close-ups of these red headed birds. They seemed not to care I was around. Here are the pics below.

This is the sunset when our cold front came in last week...Cold fronts to us mean 50's and 40's at night.


Cathy said...

I like your happy holidays banner. What kind of camera do you have? I'm hoping to purchase an SLR soon. And, thanks for the advice on Epcot. I'm so excited!

Ryan Kay said...

Hey Cathy,

I have a CANNON REBEL, It's like a NIKON, but the canon will auto focus for you so you don't have to do it. I LOVE IT!! I'm suppose to take some classes in JAN, there is so much more I could learn to take better pics. Have fun at EPCOT!! Call me if you want to get together.


scissor said...

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Allie said...

For the record I think your mom and Joe look my age!