Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Weekend

Ft. Lauderdale is chilly this morning, I'm blaming it all on myself.  Last week while having email wars with my other 3 "Shopping is Cardio Chicks" I was bragging how warm it was here in Florida.  Poor Christina had ice all over her jacket and I was stabbing everyone with 80 degree comments.  Now karma has hit and I'm not able to go out to the beach nor pool.  It's windy and cool and I would need sweat pants and a jacket to lay out under the sun, so no soaking up rays for Ryan today.

Yesterday it took us 5 hours to drive down, it should have took 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  It was a mixture of Mr. Magoo/Tunces the driving cat, traffic, and getting lost in South Miami which isn't the greatest part of town.  We arrived at our hotel later then expected and found all of Jim's business guys at the lobby bar.  I had makeup smeared all over the underneath of my eyes since the sun was blaring in my face all day and I had to make small chat while looking like a cat.

Jim and I ended up going alone for dinner to a Greek restaurant called Taverna Greek Islands.  It was some of the best food I had ever eaten. (My step father was Lebanese and his mother cooked me grape leaves, hummus, fresh pita bread, etc..that's why I have a love for this kind of food.)  When we set down they brought us fresh hummus and bread out immediately.  For our appetizer we had grilled shrimp with Satori's special sauce (greek old papa owner).  For our main course I had filet mignon shish kabobs with grilled vegi's and Greek rice, Jim had lamb chops soaked in olive oil, garlic, a touch of rosemary, and some other spice I couldn't detect.  It was wonderful and I wish I were there eating right now :)

Were down here for one of Jim's business contacts.  Their throwing the party based on a company called Enviro Fuels, the party is geared towards getting the company in front of investors eyes.  I was thinking of a regular Christmas party with about 25 people, to my surprise they have rented the entire top floor out, there is a special guest entertainer coming all the way from California, which is TOP SECRET, the only way I found out that small part is because one of the women had sipped on to much wine.  I will try to take pictures with my huge camera, but it's hard doing undercover shots without an IPHONE (hint hint).

I'm off to take my shower before Jim gets back from his morning meeting.  We got lucky facing the marina so now I can go out on the balcony in my PANTS and SWEATER and watch the boats go by. (I love boat watching).  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and again HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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Allie said...

Oh Ry, sounds like a very fun weekend this far. Minus the cool weather part! You really shouldn't have bragged during the Rockwall sleet storm...cause see what it got ya? Haha. You know I can't wait to hear all the dirty details of the weekend. When will you be home? Call me!