Monday, December 1, 2008

These Boots Are Made For Walking

I hadn't left my house since Wednesday. Jim’s mom and grand ma left this morning before we left to work. It was a nice long break and our Thanksgiving feast was wonderful. Now I must not talk about the thanksgiving food any longer because I might turn blue. I can’t even think of the WORD turkey right now. I SWEAR I have had so much turkey in the past days I might turn into one. Now I have attached some pictures below of the Thanksgiving dinner, this is the last you will hear me talk about Thanksgiving until next year. I promise.

The Dessert Table

Everything Else but the turkey, and I'm not sure why I forgot to take a picture of that turkey, it turned out GREAT! I will brine them from now on.

Our Internet at home has been off and on all weekend and I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to start a paragraph and load up pictures and then get kicked off. So today while at work I wanted to post all the stuff that I have been dying to show you, including my new boots! I have been eyeing these boots for 2 months, that means I really want them. I waited until they were on sale and then I got an extra 50% for the other black ones. WHICH ARE VERY COMFORTABLE I MUST SAY! Here they are!!!

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

NOW, on to the black ones!

Now, this is for my mom. She was with me when I bought these two red cone trees at Homegoods. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. She wanted to know what I did with her gold metal gift boxes that she gave me last year, and here is what I did. I stuck lights and Christmas ornaments inside then positioned them between the two cone trees. She got these boxes from a huge trash been behind Pier 1. Now, don't ask me what she was doing digging in trash bins, but I do know that this is the best free thing she has ever came across. I think she found 6 of them, so she has the rest. I hope she will get tired of them and send them down this way..he he :)
P.S. She was looking for packing boxes in the trash bins...FYI :)


Allie said...

I love it all. The pumpking arrangement on the dessert table is mega impressive. I saw it when you were making it, but wowza much bigger and impressive when on the table with the pies. Boots are darling. And I know I'm not suppose to, but I AM coveting those red tree from Home Goods. Seriously, SO cool.

T said...

You look like you had a great Thanksgiving. The food looks delicious!

Love the boots! I want those black ones. Where did you get them, if you don't mind me asking.

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you ALLIE! :)

T-Thank you! I got them at MACYS..everything is on sale right now, and if you buy one you get one 50% OFF!!

Mandy S said...

LOVE the boots (and all the decor)...may have to order some since we don't have a macy's here. are they true to size?