Thursday, November 6, 2008


“HERE”S TO THE CORKSCREW-a useful key to unlock the storehouse of wit, the treasury of laughter, and the front door of fellowship and the gate of pleasant folly.”-W.E.P. French, Coauthor of a Complete Toast Book, Published in 1904.

Now that the air is cooler and crisper I have set the frosty drinks aside and have moved into more of a wine territory. A chilly evening makes for a great glass of red wine. Now that Thanksgiving is approaching, I’m starting new traditions and will serve wine with our meal. When I grew up in Oklahoma we only had ice tea and water, so now that I’m older and have started my own family, I can start my own traditions, and Thanksgiving wine will be apart of it. I’m thinking Brut Rose’. I have found 3 Sparkling Roses under $15 that are fabulous, 1) Banfi Rosa Regale, Chandon Rose’, and Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Rose which is the cheapest. Jacob’s creek has become one of my most favorite sparkling wines, I love getting the bruts and for just 10.00 a bottle you can afford to toast when your friends come in town.

(3) My Fav, Jacobs Creek Sparkling Rose
I have been reading wine articles lately and I know most people are not sure which wines to pick for their company so here is a guideline that will help. Pick broad varieties to match almost anything you serve. For whites, lean towards buttery chardonnays and dry or sweet Rieslings. For reds, think fruity, Pinot Noir, syrah and Zinfandels. Most grocery stores will give you 5% to 10% when buying 4 or more wines. I know Publix gives me 5% for 4, and 10% when buying 6 or more, which I have never used, because I have never went in and bought 4 bottles of wine.

Hope this gets you in the wine spirit, Allie and Lesli, drink some sparkling wine for me while dancing around Austin! Wish I could be there!


Allie said...

Hey girl, fun post! Lesli and I will NOT be dancing around Austin...but wine will be consumed. Mine won't be sparkling, but more of that buttery chardonnary you mentioned! Phone date tonight? Cause I'm in.

lesli said...

YES ~ phone date is set for tonight. how about when everyone gets done with work? call me and i'll do the conferencing!

ryan, we will miss you so much this weekend!

Ryan Kay said...

YEA!! TO PHONE DATES!! What time do you get off Lesli? Allie and I are free birds at 4:30, so anytime after that is fine with me :)

Cathy said...

Yum ... do you find these at Publix or at a liquor store? If we weren't driving to my in-laws, I would have wine for Thanksgiving.

Ryan Kay said...

These are all at my Publix :)