Thursday, November 13, 2008

Magic Game

I have been so busy lately, I havent got to post the rest of my pictures of Jaclyn's visit. We did make it to a Magic game, and I must say I'm beginning to enjoy watching the sport of basketball. Here are a view pictures from that night. Funny story about one of the pictures, I will tell the story below the photo...AND P.S. I have a Cannon Rebel XTI digital sr camera, and for some reason it's been taking fuzzy pictures, and this shouldn't be...I must have it on the wrong setting, but there are so many setting's and buttons I don't know which one to push. If anyone knows how to help me, please give me a shout.
Here is the picture with a tiny story. We were leaving the game, and if anyone knows me well, I must take pictures everywhere, even if there is a crowd barrelling behind me trying to get out. Well there was these 2 boys, one had silver teeth, the other had gold, and they were yelling, "Come to Kansas City and I will fu***k you up!, BIT**HES!! Fu** u mother fu**kers! As they were rushing by us literally knocking us over, one of the guys shorts were so baggy and loose, you know how some men like to wear their shorts beneath their boxers, well his fell down to his knees, and then they both bounced out of there. Well what's so funny is we were taking the pictures while these guys were yelling at these men behind us and poor Jaclyn thought they were yelling at us to get out of the way..he he look at that face she's making, she is SCARED! he he..Look at me, I could have cared less, I wanted my damn picture taken and I wasn't moving an inch nor a smile until I got it, even though there was some gansta's from K CITY about to run over us. I would have never known what hit me.
Now we are laughing, Jaclyn knows shes safe :)

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