Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Elf Fortress :)

Look at my mess I have to clean up tonight...but I'm finished with the tree! Now on to the rest of the house :)

I have finally finished our tree. My house is not clean, I still have way too much stuff to pick up. When all is picked up and complete I will show you the full tree. Allie, it will come soon :) That is why I have posted close ups of the elves, so you cant see my dirty house. I have jutted the elves inside the tree to make them look like their peaking out. I have took pictures of my other ornaments also, I will post them soon. I have tried to tie in glittery reds and golds but it's hard having so many sentimental ornaments to do so.


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Allie said...

I have one of those red ones...he's my only elf, my sweet Aunt Dee gave him to me. I think they are adorable. Thanks for posting.