Friday, November 7, 2008

"The Concert"

It took me 2 hours to get ready this morning. I tried on so many different black outfits and finally found the one. I need my girls with me at times like these. I need the truth! "That makes you look fat..or that dress just isn't going to cut it." I had to fend for myself this morning and I hated it. I hope I have on the right thing, just in case I meet Chris Martin...he he

Tonight is the night I have been waiting for ever since I was 16 years old. Coldplay is in Orlando, and Jim and I are so excited. I'm still in shock that I will see them tonight. The truth hasn't set in. Maybe when I set down in my seat and they come out on stage is when I know it's really happening, I might have to pinch myself. I hope I'm not one of those crazy fans that start crying the minute they start singing. I know Jim will walk up and find another seat if that's the case.

We are making a night out of it, before the concert were headed to HUE, a restaurant in downtown where we will toast to Coldplay. I already know what I'm getting! Pan Seared Maple Leaf Duck Breast, Asian BBQ,Stir Fried Vegetable Pearl Pasta, Pickled Ginger.


T said...

Hey Ry, I have been so busy with everyday Life, I haven't had a chance to post much, so I just came on to catch up.

Your posts always make me hungry, LOL, I wonder why.:)

Have fun at the concert!

Ryan Kay said...

Hey T,

I have been so busy also! I was in Mexico, then OK, then had company..This is my first weekend of RELAXATION! Until monday! That's when the Festival of Tree's start. I'm sorry I make you hungry, I do that to myself all the time :) Have a great night!