Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Palace of Icicles

I have finally come up with the theme of my tree for the upcoming Festival of Tree’s. The name of my tree is The Palace of Icicles. I will decorate with ice shards, dripping icicles, snow flakes falling onto snow covered owls, snow balls, and my mom has even started making miniature glass bottles filled with snow flurries. They are charming and I love the thought of the snow falling into the bottles. She used syrup bottles she had gotten with her pancakes at Cracker Barrel. She filled them with snow balls and took thin wire and made a handle, there very vintage looking. Thank you mom, the prototype is below. I will now go to Cracker Barrel and order pancakes and ask for extra syrup.

I have started collecting ornaments and have found some really good buys. The ice cube lights I had gotten for myself went on sale at Target last week so I picked some up for only $2.98 per strand! They will go perfect on my ice themed tree. I also have gotten cheap Christmas balls and will transform them into authentic looking snow balls. I will post pictures of my progress.


Allie said...

Yeah! Can't wait to watch this winter wonderland tree come to life! I'll keep my eyes open for "snow~ey" stuff too.

Ryan Kay said...

Thanks Allie! YES! Please let me know if you see any stores with the snowey stuff :) I will have to go check them out :) Hope your enjoying your day!