Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Sleeping Piglet

No, I'm not a pig person.  My mother sent me an e-mail of this pig that was on EBAY, along with a message, "Ryan, these pigs are a symbol of good luck, you keep them by your front door."  Our family is very superstitious so I bid on the pig, thinking that I could use it as a door stopper.

Well yesterday I had this tiny cell phone box come in the mail.  I was excited thinking someone had sent me something and to MY SURPRISE it was the damn pig I spent $12 on.  I took it out and was amazed I had spent $12 on a tiny dirty dollar general pig.  I called mom and said, next time you tell me something is good luck, make sure it's something I need in my house.  She laughed and said return the pig, well I can't since you told me it's good luck and if I return it I don't want to have bad luck.  I know I'm crazy, but the piglet has grown on me and now I have put him in the flower pot right next to the front door.  So now I will have good luck and a blessed house by my dirty sleeping piglet.   


Allie said...

haha, this story made me laugh out loud!

lesli said...

me too! how stinking funny! i love that you can't send it back for fear of bad luck! haha... miss you sister!