Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Puffs & Football

I have been under the weather for the past couple of days and I have found something that is a MUST HAVE when your nose is red as hell and flowing like a river. Its puffs tissues with Vick's vapor dusted on them! It's amazing! It opens my nose right up, well for a couple of minutes and then I have to re-use. I hope these are not addicting. They also have tons of lotion in them so my nose is not red anymore, its back to normal!

Also during my lunch break today I went on a Madden 2009 run. Every year Jim buys the new Madden and his friends get together and play all night, well today was the release date and tonight is that night. I'm excited because I will be up in my loft watching Tori and Deans Home Sweet Hollywood and my new Martha Stewart Thanksgiving and Christmas DVDs my mom sent me! She also threw in a couple of PUMPKIN MEN and a Santa HEAD! They all are fabulous and I can't wait to post pictures of my finished decorated house. For all you Madden Fans, Have fun! and PLAY SAFE! (Jim and his buddies hit each other during play..I know it's crazy)

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Allie said...

Oh, am dying to see the new pumkin men, I heart them. I've kept my eyes peeled for them at our TJ Maxx, but not luck so far. Where else would you suggest I look for them?