Monday, July 14, 2008

A MEAL I wished I had Right Now!

You know when you are starving and your in the mood for a certain food, and nothing else sounds good. WELL, I have been craving 2 meals, and I don't want anything else! 1st its my Cuban cafe' down the road from where I work, I eat there once a week and if I weren't afraid to know the calories in the meal, I would probably eat there 3 times a week. It consists of yellow rice and beans, with the BEST chicken on the bone you will ever eat! It falls right off the bone, it's tender and juicy and the flavor is amazing! My second meal would be my Asian and sushi place near our little town. They have the best sushi rolls, and I crave their shrimp and chicken in garlic sauce with fresh cuts of zucchini, squash, some type of roots, etc. The shrimp are huge, they don't mess around with the tiny ones. If only I could eat here once a day!

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