Sunday, July 6, 2008

Look What We Found

On the 4th before the fireworks we explored our small little town and came across an old mansion that has grown up with weeds...I fell in love with it.  Today on our way home I made Jim drive by so I could take some pictures.  It's beautiful, and its old.  It's surrounded by orange groves and an old stone wall.  I want to know more about it, why it doesn't have anyone living there, who owns it, and how old is it?  You know when you have that feeling that you know there is a story behind it, this is how I feel towards this house.  It reminds me of the movie secret garden.  I would give anything to go inside of it.  The pictures don't do it justice.  In person its huge!  I will let you know if I learn more about it.  I would love to sneak in but my luck I would get shot or be in the newspaper, "Girl with Camera gets Attacked by Guard Dog"

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lesli said...

ewwww... very cool! reminds me of that HGTV show "if walls could talk." girl - dig around and find the info!