Thursday, July 17, 2008

Craft Night

You will need:

1 Vase (I got mine at T J MAXX, it was $9.99 and it's huge)
3 strings of patio lights (I chose ice cube looking ones from target, they were on sale this week for $6.99)
1 glass of wine :) 

( My Vase)

(My ice cube lights) I almost chose the tear drop blown glass lights but they were multi-color and I wanted just one color

(String of lights)

(I really think it looks like an ice cube)

(Pulling them apart)

(Me putting it together)

(Finished product, I made 2, I'm not sure which one I like best...I can only have one since I only have 3 strings of lights...I can choose either having one in my bedroom, that can be used as a night light, or the one with wine corks for the kitchen..which one would you choose?)

1 comment:

Allie said...

I vote the wine cork one!