Monday, June 23, 2008


We took 1st place in the Wahoo category!  I was so happy to win on our FIRST LADIES tournament, that means we will get to go out again! :)  I also caught my first Tuna on the oil rigs, we were 100 miles out fishing and it was an amazing experience!  The tuna was the size of a football, but It was mighty fun catching it.  I'm exhausted from driving for 7 hours, so I will post more on my trip tomorrow.  :) 


lesli said...

congrats! my favorite part is that you won a fishing tournament and you looked darling doing it! go girl! also... do you get to keep the tuna?=)

Allie said...

Wahoo on winning the wahoo. And I agree with Lesli, you girls look so cute. I've been fishing a lot in my life and I NEVER looked that cute!

How fun would it be to all get together and grill that tuna? Yuuuummmmmmmmm.

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you girls! BUT I had just taken a shower on the boat. 20 minutes before that I look like a gremlin with rat joke! :) And Yes, I got to take the tuna home and last night, Jim and I grilled it out on the was yummy! I also stuck some in the freezer so your girls are more than welcome to come over and have some grilled fish :)
Thank you for the congrats!