Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mosquitoes the size of weiner dogs

(One of the Vampires on my phone)

No joke, we have mosquitoes the size of small dogs! I couldn’t even enjoy grilling last night. They swarmed me like I was some warm sticky candy. I’m not sure why my scent attracts bugs, but it does. When a mosquito bites me they swell up the size of large sand dollar. I have many bumps on my legs and arms that I’m scratching profusely. Today I purchased some Tropical OFF which smells good but I hate to know how many harmful chemicals are in it. I have tried Skin So Soft by AVON and the little vampires seem to love it. So tonight while I’m out in the yard, I will smell like a chemical tropical smoothie. I hope it does the trick.

Here is a monument we should have in our back yard. This is about the right size; maybe they molded one of our mosquitoes to make this statue. If anyone knows of any healthy remedies to keep these suckers away, please let me know.

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