Monday, May 5, 2008


One thing you need to know for the story is my mom had a huge garage sale over the weekend.

I received a call from my mom tonight and she asked me a weird question...

Mom: Are you missing a pair of thongs?

I was like, what? Why are you asking if I am missing a pair of thongs?

Mom: Well, Joe and I found some and I was thinking you forgot them here.

Me: First, I only wear thongs if I'm wearing dress slacks that show pantie lines and usually when I'm visiting family I'm not dressed in slacks, I'm wearing comfortable clothes...I told her I could have had some that I had brought that slipped out of my bag...but hell, I don't remember if I'm missing a pair of underwear.  

Me: What color are they?

Mom: They are yellow and green.

Me: Yellow and Green, Where did you find them

Mom: I found them when I was still living in the condo..

Me: So you found some underwear of mine 3 years ago and your just now asking if I lost them?

Mom: Well, no my good friend Valaine got this jacket at the garage sale and she called and she found a pair of thongs in the pocket...and they are the yellow and green ones.

Me: Why were the thongs in the coat that was for sale at your garage sale?

Mom: Well I don't know who put them there...but Valaine is bringing them back to me this week.

All this time I was laughing thinking...mother why are you worried about finding the home of these old thongs...tell Valaine just to throw them away.  I could understand if it's someones diamond ring, but thongs...ha ha

Me: Well, to make you feel better take a picture of the thongs and send them to me, I will let you know if they are mine or not.

Mom: Don't you worry, I'm bringing them to Jaclyn's wedding :) 

I thought this was hilarious...I will post back and let you know if they are my old pantie's or a mystery women's...yikes mom! Just kidding! :) Love you mom!

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Mandy S said...

ok, this was the funniest thing i've read in a long time! as soon as your mom gets back from delivering food to her patients, i'm asking her about this one! thanks for the laugh! i needed it today!