Friday, May 2, 2008


So, I have been listening to a lot of Hip Hop & Rap lately, and if you knew me, you would ask if there was something wrong, because I have always been into alternative, not dance music. I got into my car the other morning and the song, Love in the Club was blaring on the radio, It made my morning. I’m not sure why my taste in music has changed but I can say it does help me clean the house.

This morning while in the shower I was thinking why do all these songs have the guy’s name Shorty in them? Shorty is in every rap song. I’m thinking to myself, is that the rapper that died? Are all these guys dedicating there songs to him? Jim walks by and I asked, Who is Shorty…you know the Shorty in all these rap songs. He looks at me like I’m stupid and say’s Shorty is another name for a women. What? Why haven’t I know about this…everything makes since now. Why would a women have a nickname as Shorty…I’m 5.8 that’s not to short. Jim said it’s because most men are taller than women. Couldn’t they have come up with a better nickname for a woman?

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lesli said...

girl! i get on a plane in only a few short hours for 4 days of uninterrupted girl time! makes all the farts and the grand theft auto and the all around boy~ness worth it! y'all have a good weekend!