Friday, May 2, 2008

Man Talk

My husbands SUV has broken down AGAIN and he has been riding with me everywhere for the past week.  We don't mind since we work together...but tonight he had a meeting...and I had to go. Let me tell you, being the only women in a business meeting...I would call it "DICK TALK".  I swear men are worse then women.  They talk about fights, hookers, and drugs.  I felt like I was in a frat house.  Is this what meetings are all about because if so, I would like to go to all of them with you.  You wonder what goes on when I'm not there.  If there talking about hookers in front of a wife, I hate to see what they talk about when a wife isn't there.  We ended up leaving at 10.

Jim has an old friend in town and Im always excited to meet an old friend of his.  I always love hearing stories of his wild days.  Well, to make the story short, he is on his way to our house right now.  I know its 10, but he lives in Pensacola and he needs a place to stay since its on his way.  I will need some girl time soon!  Always love hanging out with the girls!  I will post tomarrow if anything exciting happens.  I wouldn't count on it.

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