Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Husband Leaves. Yes, to More Fishing

My husband leaves me again tomorrow for a fishing tournament, this is the third one this month and the last one until May.  I enjoy going but this time I need to stay home with my fur terds (dogs).  I do enjoy having the house to myself, but when night hits I wish he were here.  We have 3 dogs and I shouldn't worry but every little sound I think its a burglar.  I hate sleeping with the TV on high volume but if it weren't for the TV I wouldn't sleep.

I feel my summers are eaten up by the tournaments.  They are fun when I do get to go but I wish we were closer, we have to drive at least 5-6 hours one way to get to them.  In June we enter our first ALL GIRLS TOURNAMENT, it should be a blast.
Tomorrow I have plans to go out to dinner with my good friend Lori, we are celebrating my birthday so I will eat whatever I want, sorry weight watchers :) I'm craving fried green beans so we will make an appetizer stop at TGI Friday's, if you are thinking to yourself, "what the hell is a fried green bean?", its the most delicious thing to eat, other than my favorites, raw oysters, king crab legs, and Taco Beuno (of which I dont have here in Florida) When I go back home to Oklahoma that's the first thing I eat when the plane touches down, Taco Bueno...mmm I would die to have a bean burrito and a mexi dip and chips.  TGI Friday's by far has the best fried green beans other than the Don CeSar, which is a famous hotel in St. Pete Beach, FL.  That's where Lori introduced me to my first fried green bean.  I will post soon on my exciting night.

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