Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blueberry Vodka and a Bubble Bath

Yes, I just got done taking a bubble bath and drinking a Blueberry Martini.  I say martini to give it a classier name, but really its blueberry vodka and diet seven up.  Its yummy and not quite a martini but anything now days in a martini glass is a martini.  The only true martini is pure alcohol and a splash of olive juice..but those are not my cup of tea.  It's nice to reward myself with a nice relaxing bath and a night cap after a hard day at work.  I have planted trees, flowers, an herb box, and mowed part of our 5 acre lawn.  Only 2 more acres to go which I will tackle in the  morning.  Its nice relaxing alone but I do miss my Jim...he will be home tomorrow night or Monday morning.

Also, the fried green beans were fabulous last night!  After the green beans we headed to Macy's and I found a dress to wear to Jaclyn's rehearsal.  I will post the picture of the dress tomorrow when I'm not tired.  I LOVE IT, and I'm so happy that baby doll dresses are in style and I will wear them as long as I can.  I dread the day that tight clothing makes a come back.  After our Macy's adventure that lasted 2 hours we headed to Brio which is an Italian restaurant that serves wonderful food.  I had a balsamic salad with shrimp scampi and a glass of pino, it was wonderful and I ate way to much.  Well, I will finish off my blue seven and head to bed.  I have some more lawn mowing to look forward to.  Someone has to do it.  


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