Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Roxy wishes you a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! :)

So does BEAR!

The other corn chips didn't want to set still for a picture but they wish you a HAPPY Valentines Day also :)

I made Jim this for lunch...a steak, portabello mushroom, arugula salad, and a lean cuisine pasta with vodka sauce...fancy huh?? Here's a tip, when you stick any TV dinner on a fancy plate, your loved one will never know the difference. Do you like my BBQ hearts??

....and here are some RED inspiration photos :)

Source: hwtm.com via Donna on Pinterest


E said...

WAY too cute those little guys! I'm single, but that is something I would do for a boyfriend. Happy Vday!

Ryan K said...

Thank you E!

winetastegirl.com said...

Love those fortune cookies! It is really nice to walk to the grocery store. We are spoiled! Hope you'll be a new follower :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love those red photos you posted. definitely puts me in the valentines mood! happy valentines day!

Bethany said...

Your doggies are so sweet! Love those red and pink fortune cookies :)

Michelle said...

Um the pups are adorable!!! Soooo cute!! Newest follower :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's day. :3

Anya adores said...

Divine inspiration and cute dogs:) Have a great wednesday sweets,