Monday, February 6, 2012

El Rey de la Papa y la Paisa

Orlando Restaurant Review

Ry's Rating: 3.5 stars

If you want authentic Puerto Rican food you should try this place out. I really didn't know what to order so I asked the waitress their specialty. Mom got the supreme potato. The picture above is the Supreme Potato, which had cheese, sour cream, butter, ground beef, chicken, shredded beef, ham, bacon, broccoli, peas, carrots, corn, sweet plantain, mushrooms, tomatoes...should I go on? I'm not a huge fan of loaded potatoes so I wasn't impressed. The presentation was beautiful and the wait-staff were very friendly.

I chose the sample plate so I could try a little bit of everything. It was good but not blow your socks off great. It had 3 sample meats, a avocado slice, and rice and beans. I did try something new that I really enjoyed. It was mashed fried plantains rolled up into a ball with olive oil and garlic. It was very different and tasty. I think we ordered the wrong entrees. I would defiantly go back and try something else. Next time I'll definitely to my research before I go.

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